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The Aquatron is a water treatment system designed to neutralize complex waste water.

Dissolved solids (<8000 TDS) and suspended solids (<200 TSS) can be selectively removed. This makes the Aquatron very efficient in removing heavy metals, salts and minerals (reduces BOD and COD up to 96%). Basically, every element in the periodic system can be selectively removed.

The Aquatron is a single-stage and reliable process (validated results) without need for bacteria or chemicals (zero discharge principle). It is a patented technology based on molecular separation by resonance frequencies (electronic microwaves up to 300 GHz). By way of comparison, a microwave oven produces frequencies of up to 30 GHz.

An important advantage of the Aquatron is that hardly any residual concentrate is produced. The concentrate (sludge flow) is made harmless and does not longer contains any hazardous substances. This will maximize the filtrate (clean water) as much as 98%.

In short, a multifunctional and fully automated system that can be used in a wide range of industries and with an expected lifespan of +/- 15 years, a robust technique with a very low total-cost-of-ownership compared to other conventional treatment systems.

Operation Aquatron

Waste water, in molecular terms can be seen as a chemical compound between water ions and waste ions (e.g. ammonia ions). Due to an opposite electrical charge, these cations and anions attract each other and form strong molecular bonds.

Depending on the composition of the waste water, the Aquatron distributes specific dissociated frequencies to break the waste water connections.

By subsequently cancelling the electrostatic forces (creating an neutral electrical field), equivalent ions are attracted to each other and an agglomeration process takes place.

This results in a thrombotic reaction in which dissolved solids and suspended matter crystallize and agglomerate together as fine particles.

These particles have now been rendered harmless and can be captured by simple filtration methods (e.g. sedimentation).

Experience RWB

The Aquatron is a new patented technology and has a proven track record in Asia, the Middle East and Australia. RWB represents the system for the European market. Due to the innovative character of the Aquatron, RWB has a demo unit in house to demonstrate operation and to provide guarantees (e.g. effectiveness, removal efficiency, power consumption and maintenance costs).

Are you also running into a difficult waste water, please contact us for a trial with our demo unit.

More information about the Aquatron?

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