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    MicroGas™ flotatie

A cost-effective and environmentally friendly flotation system for cleaning difficult-to-treat industrial wastewater.

MicroGas™ generator

The MicroGas™ generator is a cost-efficient and robust flotation system to maximize the removal of suspended matter, fats and oils regardless of pH, temperature or salinity. The MicroGas™ generator was originally designed as a simplified and low OPEX alternative to a DAF and is suitable for many applications including water and wastewater treatment.

Innovative and cost-efficient technology

The new technology is based on ceramic discs that are mounted on a rotating shaft. Compressed air/gas is injected into the shaft at 1-2 bar and enters the liquid through the discs, creating a cloud of micro-bubbles (50 – 70 microns). These micro-bubbles are generated with extremely low energy consumption.

Unlike DAF systems, no pressure is required to dissolve the gas in the liquid, so energy consumption does not depend on the salinity and temperature of the water. In addition, the MicroGas™ flotation systems does not require a saturation tank, recycling pumps or nozzles, which makes it also more reliable and cost-efficient.

Microgas Flotatie
MicroGas flotatie RWB
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Industrial wastewater treatment

The main advantages of using the MicroGas™ generator for the treatment of industrial wastewater:

  • Minimal operating costs; the MicroGas™ generator uses only compressed air (low pressure of 1-2 bar) and a low voltage DC motor (< 0.05 kWh/m³).
  • Minimal equipment; unlike DAF systems, there is no need for saturation vessels, recycling pumps or nozzles.
  • No clogging; the transverse forces generated by the outgoing air and the rotating shaft prevent clogging of the discs and have an automatic self-cleaning effect.

Areas of application

  • Adapting and innovating DAF / wastewater treatment plants
  • Water treatment to remove fats and oils
  • Ozone formation / Oxidation
  • Membrane bioreactors / Sequencing Batch Reactor
  • Harvesting algae
  • Removing oil within the metalworking industry
  • Hydroponics and fisheries
  • Air column reactors
Microgas Flotatie

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