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    Industrial waste water

Every industry has to deal with specific “waste water problems”. RWB has a wide range of techniques in house to provide a sustainable solution for every problem.

Pollution and discharge requirements

Industrial waste water

Industrial waste water is a by-product of industrial or commercial activities. Whether it’s the food we eat, the drinks we drink, the clothes we wear, or the papers and chemicals we use, water is needed for almost every step of production in a wide variety of industries. The resulting waste water must be carefully treated.

Pollution units

Industrial waste water contains a wide variety of pollution units and therefore its treatment is a complex task. In addition, the discharge requirements for industrial waste water are constantly tightened.


Priority is being given to the recovery of raw materials and the reuse of waste. For many companies, sustainable use of water is the best way to anticipate towards reduced availability. Increasing sustainability is often synonymous with energy savings and is increasingly a cost-efficient solution.

Market specialist knowledge and experience RWB

Beverage industry and breweries

Food and dairy industries

Petrochemicals and chemical industry

Manufacturing and process industry

Energy supply

Healthcare and pharmacy

Oil and gas industry

Textiles and paper industry

Basic metals Industry

Realized projects

Our customer speaks

Van Merksteijn Steel Netherlands produces, among other things, galvanized steel wire. Heavy chemicals are used in the production of galvanized steel wire. RWB has built a chemical plant. This installation consists of a filling, storage, transport and disposal system for used chemicals.

RWB also supplied a facility to treat the waste water released from this galvanizing line. The waste flows from the galvanizing line are treated in an DND installation (detoxification, neutralization and dewatering) in such a way that the residual flow may be discharged into the sewerage system.

van Merksteijn Steel Netherlands

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This is why you choose RWB

  • With minimal information, such as an analysis of the water to be treated and the desired effluent quality, our process technologists design the appropriate installation.
  • RWB has its own test facilities. The invented technology can be tested with the medium and various situations are simulated before proceeding to a complete installation.
  • By handing the design and process responsibilities to the builder – RWB – you save an additional link and shift of responsibilities during implementation.
  • The construction team of RWB is continuously supported by an own process technology department. With this combination of theory and practice at a multidisciplinary level (WTB, E&I and PA), RWB is a complete party.

Do you want to make your wastewater treatment more sustainable?

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