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    Process water

The chemical industry, the food sector, the paper industry, energy companies; the way in which water is used, brings a very wide range of requirements.

Process water; a multitude of treatment techniques

Process water

What is process water? This question cannot be answered unambiguously. Within the industry, process water is used as cooling water, as a product, as a solvent or by means of transport.

Water treatment

Process water is prepared from tap water, groundwater or surface water. Depending on the source, RWB applies various purification techniques to treat the water and to make it suitable for the application.


Process water is mainly found in factories where products are manufactured. Process water is used as:

  • Rinse water for cleaning products or installations
  • Cooling water for cooling installations
  • Product water for drinks and food
  • Means of transport to transport products within industrial processes

Treatment technologies

RWB has a great deal of knowledge and experience with a multitude of treatment technologies that can be used to meet the strict requirements. Some of the possibilities:

  • Source water treatment; iron, manganese, ammonia removal
  • Surface water treatment; coagulation-flocculation, sedimentation and flotation, media filtration
  • Floating dust filtration; with candle filters, continuous or discontinuous media filtration
  • Solidification; partial or total, with ion exchange, membrane technology or pellet softening
  • Demineralization; from single-stage reverse osmosis to high-pressure boiler feed water
  • Cooling water conditioning and filtration

Realized projects

Our customer speaks

In the field of water treatment, RWB is a valued partner. In particular, the available knowledge, short lines of communication and direct contact with the RWB (service) employees are of added value in order to guarantee the continuity of our installation.

The mechanics know the installation, ask the right questions have all the parts available to act immediately. Many companies can supply a water treatment installation, but RWB has specific knowledge in-house to provide a cost-efficient and reliable installation. When necessary, swift and appropriate action is taken to ensure our business continuity.

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This is why you choose RWB

  • Customer focus; supply of a compact standard unit or the turnkey realization of a multidisciplinary project; every wish can be met.
  • All proven techniques can be applied in a customer-specific combination. This combination is preferably built up from our standard product range in order to establish a financially attractive solution.
  • Specialist knowledge within the organization (no installers who say they know all about it). Any problems are adequately and completely solved together with the customer.
  • Specific knowledge and experience of different applications (rinse water, cooling water, product water) so that the correct water quality can be guaranteed.

Does your process water meet all requirements?

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