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    Municipal waste water

Our added value is shown particular in projects where more is required than construction according to the standard specifications.

Reducing energy consumption and making the sector more sustainable

Sewage water treatment or waste water treatment (WWTP)

In a waste water treatment plant, waste water is treated before it is returned to the surface water (rivers and streams). The waste water is “produced” by all households and the industry. In addition, rain water is drained off from paved surfaces via the waste water sewer system.

Water boards

In the Netherlands there are 352 sewage treatment plants, managed by 21 water boards. The water boards are responsible for municipal waste water treatment, which will is collected via the public waste water sewer system.


Water boards are continuously optimizing processes in order to contribute to a sustainable sector. This requires a wide range of activities and a good cooperation with technical parties within the water sector. The focus is on reducing energy consumption and on a strict climate policy.

Raw materials from waste water

The recovery of energy and raw materials has taken a huge step. At a number of locations biogas is produced from sludge from the sewage treatment plant and converted into green electricity.

Challenge RWB

Sometimes the challenge lies in the water to be treated, sometimes in the small footprint or in reducing energy and/or chemical consumption. RWB uses both conventional and new techniques for this purpose, in which functionality is always the key-factor.

Realized projects

Our customer speaks

An optimization study by the Rivierenland Water Board showed that it is technically more advantageous to close wwtp Nieuw Lekkerland and to pump the waste water to wwtp Alblasserdam.

This project was given to RWB by means of a Best Value Procurement. This methodology aims to award the contract to the tenderer who has demonstrated his ability to minimize risks and to make best use of the opportunities.

Water Board Rivierenland

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This is why you choose RWB

  • Distinctive in the field of waste water treatment by applying innovative, sustainable and energy efficient techniques (including ICEAS and NEREDA).
  • Renowned specialist with a large network of partners in order to meet the project requirements and the reference conditions.
  • Practical experience and specific knowledge to offer just that little bit extra when there is more required than building according to specifications.
  • The construction team of RWB is continuously supported by an own process technology department. With this combination of theory and practice at a multidisciplinary level (WTB, E&I and PA), RWB is a complete party.

Do you want to make your wastewater treatment more sustainable?

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