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Sustainable water management is a decrease in water usage and simultaneously an increased focus on efficient use. In addition, the recovery of raw materials becomes a more important role within the current economy.

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Circular economy

Sustainable water management is a generic term for all water-saving technologies and technologies for processing so-called waste into raw materials. At RWB, these are projects within specific sectors such as manure and digestate treatment, bottom ash processing and backwash water reuse.

Water footprint

Everything we use as individuals is produced with the help of water. The water footprint measures the amount of water required to make a product. Water is a crucial resource for any business, whether it produces food, electronics, clothing or other items. A company’s water footprint is a measure of the total water consumption it consumes to produce the goods and services it provides.

Manure and digestate treatment

Mest en digestaat

An excess of manure, with high concentrations of nitrogen and phosphate, leads to a contaminated soil and groundwater. European legislation on mandatory processing is in place to prevent this pollution. Since manure and digestate consist of a large amount of water, RWB has proven techniques in house to treat and process organic substances into pure water and valuable fertilizers.

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Backwash water reuse

Although 72% of the earth’s surface is covered with water, only 3% is suitable for use as drinking water. As the useable resources are also under pressure, it is crucial to use them more efficiently and to look at other ways of saving water. The reuse of waste water is one of the most important trends and that means that less surface or well water is needed to supply the same amount of drinking water.

Realized projects

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The installation has been operational for 7 years now. RWB has been involved in the design, implementation and commissioning. All key components of the installation are supplied out of RWB’s own delivery package.

Unique within the total concept of digestate and manure treatment is the pre-filtration with ceramic membranes. This leads to a more efficient reverse osmosis process as the last purification step in the chain. The use of ceramic membranes ensures a maximum volume in discharged water.

Dankers Bio Energy

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This is why you choose RWB

  • Reliable and proven techniques to deal with water and raw materials in a cost-effective and sustainable manner.
  • Through gained experience and knowledge, RWB is able to design creatively in order to minimize the footprint and reduce energy consumption.
  • RWB is a pioneer in the field of sustainable techniques within a wide range of industries that are not directly related to the water component (including manure treatment and bottom ash from incineration plants).
  • At RWB, we are also explicitly involved in corporate social responsibility. People, planet and profit are central in the design of our sustainable, but economic solutions.

Curious about the possibilities in regards to reuse?

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