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From a single point of contact, we offer a multidisciplinary service package for your water treatment installation.

24/7 available and receptive

Our service

From one contact point, we offer you a multidisciplinary package for your water treatment installation, regardless of whether it concerns preventative or corrective maintenance or a revision. And regardless of whether it concerns drinking water or process water preparation. But wastewater purification or water reuse are also part of our portfolio.

Contract form

The collaboration with us can be managed in different ways. For one client, we are available on an on-call basis; for another we do structural inspection and maintenance work. In both cases, we utilize clear unit prices. We often work on the basis of service agreements. If you choose this collaboration, then we take responsibility for all corrective and preventative maintenance, including the coordination thereof. We utilize fixed prices, that we agree with you in advance. Only the price of the corrective maintenance work is partially variable. We can also do larger modifications to your water treatment installation on a project basis. In some cases, this means a process technology evaluation in advance by one of our process technologists.

24-hour service

Central in our service is our StoringsHulpVerlening (‘Disruption Assistance Service’; SHV). With an SHV subscription, a team of specialists is on standby for you 24/7.


We work on location and if needed bring the components away for maintenance or inspection in our workshop. Our service engineers have a service van available with a large assortment of spare parts, make use of advance equipment and, of course, are familiar with the latest techniques.

Core competencies and markets

Because, next to providing service, we also design, engineer, build and put water treatment installations into service, we have a multidisciplinary team in house – from project management, process technology, mechanical engineering, electro-technical engineering, automation, assembly, production, installation, placement into service, delivery, troubleshooting and inspection to maintenance. Thanks to this team, we are able to effectively respond to all the needs of the customer in, for example, the drinking water sector, the automobile industry, the chemical industry, petrochemical, the food and convenience industry, the surface treatment industry and the paper industry.

Reliability and continuity

RWB is certified, among others, under ISO 9001/14001 and VCA** and is therefore familiar with the guidelines in the area of, for example, ARBO (labour law), environment and hygiene. Good working agreements, fast and expert work and clear reporting guarantee problem-free execution, minimal stoppages and faultless feedback.

Practical experience

We have experience with corrective (SHV), preventative and modifying maintenance and revisions of water treatment installations with the following process steps:

  • Media filtration (sand, gravel, catalytic filter materials, etc.)
  • Activated Carbon Filtration
  • Pellet softening
  • Softening
  • Demineralization
  • Decarbonation
  • Ion Exchange
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Nanofiltration, ultrafiltration and microfiltration
  • Aerobic biological treatment
  • Electro-deionisation
  • Flocculation, flotation or sedimentation
  • UV disinfection
  • Swimming water filtration

check out the other process steps

  • Hardening
  • Aeration and degassing
  • Thermal degassing
  • Detoxifying techniques
  • Oil/water separation
  • Sludge dewatering
  • Plate coolers and cooling towers
  • Chemical storage and dosing
  • Deep well pumps with flexible suspension pipes

Realized projects

Our customer speaks

“In the field of water treatment, RWB is a valued partner. In particular, the available knowledge, short lines of communication and direct contact with the RWB (service) employees are of added value in order to guarantee the continuity of our installation.

The mechanics know the installation, ask the right questions have all the parts available to act immediately. Many companies can supply a water treatment installation, but RWB has specific knowledge in-house to provide a cost-efficient and reliable installation. When necessary, swift and appropriate action is taken to ensure our business continuity.”

Control Room Technician Geert de Boer│ Medical Spectrum Twente

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This is why you choose RWB

  • Relying 24/7 on full support. This guarantees your business processes.
  • High level of knowledge and experience of the existing installations. As a result in case of emergencies, RWB can operate quickly and adequate.
  • RWB has national coverage with its own service technicians.
  • RWB’s focus is to guarantee your business continuity.

Do you require maintenance for your water treatment installation?

More information about our activities related to service and maintenance? Feel free to contact us via the number below or use the contact form.