Customer cases with a challenge

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Cases give you a glimpse at our customer projects and show that there are often 1 or more challenges. Sometimes the challenge lies in the water to be treated, sometimes in a small footprint or in reducing the energy and/or chemical consumption. RWB uses both conventional and new techniques in which functionality is paramount.

Backwash water reuse with ceramic membranes
Reuse of sand filter backwash water
Less extraction of groundwater
Lower energy and chemical consumption
Drinking water production on the Wadden Islands
Drinking water production under critical conditions
Security of supply during the holiday season
Lowering of the water hardness
Drinking water production plant Andijk III
An innovative and unique water purification system
Capacity of no less than 5.000 m3 per hour
Ultra-filtration with ceramic membrane
Brabant Water
Drinking water production plant Lith
Water hardness reduced from 17 ºdH to 7,8 ºdH
Water hardness policy Brabant Water
Effective pellet softening
Dankers Bio Energy
Manure and digestate treatment
A complete solution to treat the surplus in manure and digestate
Robust, reliable and proven technology
Reclaim of valuable organic minerals
Backwash water reuse installation
Increased production with lower water consumption
Backwash water recycling with a recovery of 95%
Water saving of 3% per filled hectoliter of beer
Demineralized water plant Antwerp
Guaranteed and continuous supply of demi-water
One of the largest demi-water plants in Europe
48 million liters of demineralized water per day
Coca Cola
Source water treatment
Process water by means of the "Multi-barrier" principle
Two air strippers and 3 double-layer sand filters
Saving space by combining filters
Softening installation
Process water of vital importance
Reverse osmosis system in combination with EDI
Quick service required in the event of an emergency
Waterschap Limburg
Continuous sand filters WWTP Wijlre
Renew and comply with the Water Framework Directive 2017
Nitrate and phosphate removal from effluent
Sand filtration due to increased standards
Waterschap Rivierenland - Alblasserdam
ICEAS WWTP Alblasserdam
Compact water treatment, continuous inflow into one basin
Realization of ICEAS: innovative and compact design
40% saving in energy consumption
Waterschap rivierenland - Sleeuwijk
Sewage pumping station WWTP Sleeuwijk
Centralization; from 4 to 1 sewage treatment plant
Scaling up and expansion of the installation
More efficient and sustainable waste water treatment
Van Merksteijn
DND installation (detoxification, neutralization and dewatering)
Process chemicals and waste water treatment
144 m3 of waste water per day from the galvanizing process
Sustainability through an Environmental Aspect Register
Waste water treatment
Re-evaluation of raw materials and waste water reuse
Washing bottom ash to improve quality
Percolate, a complex and difficult matter to treat
Source and waste water treatment
Treatment and the reuse of waste water
Reduction of waste water and nitrate levels
Reducing the ecological footprint
Digestion plant and wastewater treatment plant
Sustainable slaughterhouse with its own water purification system
Digestate treatment with ceramic membranes
Nereda: very compact design and low energy consumption

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