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    Our organization

Solutions and systems in the field of drinking water, waste water and process water.

Our added value

RWB distinguishes in water treatment

RWB distinguishes itself by offering standard systems and customer-specific installations. By keeping all disciplines, such as process management, engineering and system realization, within its own organization and because of an excellent 24/7 service, RWB offers a complete package in water treatment. That is our added value!

Water customization

RWB is there for you. Both in the area of drinking and process water preparation and in the area of waste water purification and reuse. In order to be of optimal service to you, we deliver ‘customization in water’. This can be customer-specific systems, but also standard installations. Of course we also provide you with the service that you should expect from us.


Project and service organization with extra know-how

RWB is a strong project and service organization with specific knowledge. With our team, consisting of more than 70 dedicated and experienced employees (on average 30+ years experience in water treatment), we are able to supply standard systems and to convert complex issues into concrete water treatment installations.

Complete package in water treatment

RWB has all the necessary disciplines in-house. From process technology, mechanical engineering, automation, project management, realization, commissioning to service and maintenance.

Quality, Safety & Environment

Quality, Safety & Environment is guaranteed by us:

  • Quality management system ISO 9001
  • HSE Contractor Checklist VCA***
  • Environmental management system ISO 14001