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Safety and certifications.

Safety and certifications

RWB works daily to embed safety within its organization. On the one hand, this includes having the necessary certificates. These underline knowledge, skill and professionalism. On the other hand, we believe that safety is the basis of all our work. Our safety policy is therefore aimed at stimulating awareness, behavior and a sense of responsibility among our employees.

Working safely. Our vision of safety

Our employees are involved in the composition and further development of our safety policy. Practical situations we can learn from, reports of an unsafe situation or perhaps an incident that could have been prevented: every proactive signal we receive is valuable and can contribute to a safer workplace. Employees can share them in an accessible way. Through a personal approach or by email, they can share their experiences, ideas and initiatives.

The Safety Committee, which includes a representative representation of departments within RWB, periodically reviews reports of unsafe situations and translates them into improved processes and ensures communication across the board. They also take an active attitude to make a positive contribution to embedding safety awareness throughout our company. We are convinced that together we can make a difference and move forward!

Safety values

Consistent:       Safety is part of everything we do.

Responsible:    We take responsibility for our collective safety.

Aware:              We know the specific risks of our work and only start when work can be done safely.

Open:                We make safety negotiable and speak to each other about safe behavior.

Action:              We stop unsafe work.

Respect:           We accept being called to account for safety.

Learning:          We report all accidents and near misses to learn from them and improve ourselves.

Certificates valid for RWB Water

  • Safety Culture Ladder step 2:
    The Safety Culture Ladder focuses on ‘measuring’ attitude and behavior with regard to safety. With this certificate we demonstrate that safety awareness is important in our organization.


  • VGM Checklist Contractors VCA:
    VCA means Safety, Health and Environment Checklist Contractors, but it is much more. VCA is a versatile and complete program through which we are objectively and structurally tested and certified on our HSE management system (HSE is Safety, Health, Environment).


Project and service organization with extra know-how

RWB is a strong project and service organization with specific knowledge. With our team, consisting of more than 70 dedicated and experienced employees (on average 30+ years experience in water treatment), we are able to supply standard systems and to convert complex issues into concrete water treatment installations.

Complete package in water treatment

RWB has all the necessary disciplines in-house. From process technology, mechanical engineering, automation, project management, realization, commissioning to service and maintenance.