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    Process technology

The process technologists of RWB start with an advice.

Independent advice

The process technologists of RWB start with an advice. Common used terminology is “consultancy”. We rather talk about advice. That is clear and not more complicated than needed.


What do you expect from an advice? A report with a theoretical conclusion, which you can’t really implement, but which has cost you a lot of money? Where the last page say that there are still a few things that need to be investigated in a supplementary study? We do not think so. We believe that you should be able to get started immediately after an advice. Not only theoretically, but also practically; what do I need to change about my installation, how can I do that, and what will it cost?

A system integrator cannot give independent advice? Definitely. After our advice, you are free to explore the market. We see our advice as noncommittal to ourselves. That makes all the difference.

More information about process technology?

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