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Preparation of process water using the “Multi-barrier” principle.

Coca Cola

About Coca-Cola

Worldwide, Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc. (CCE) is the largest producer, marketer and distributor of The Coca-Cola Company’s products. In addition to traditional carbonated soft drinks, CCE’s product range also includes fruit juices, sparkling and non-sparkling waters.

Coca-Cola Nederland is a local company with a strong regional presence and has been active in the Netherlands for almost 90 years. The products are manufactured at the factory in Dongen, where 580 million liters of soft drinks were produced in 2016.

Our project

The most important ingredients in carbonated drinks are water, sugar and other flavor concentrates.

Water must be purified by the Coca-Cola “Multiple Barrier” principle to ensure that each beverage bottle meets IS 14543 (Packaged Drinking Water), WHO requirements and Coca-Cola global standards. The Multiple Barriers system consists of the macro and micro level purification of water.

A combination of filtration steps to treat source water

Preparation of process water using the “Multi-barrier” principle

According to the “Multi-barrier” principle used by Coca Cola, three purification steps (or barriers) should be in place. This is a pre-treatment of the source water. It consists of two air strippers and three double-layer sand filters. The air stripping system provides sufficient oxygen in the water to remove iron and ammonium from the double-layer filters. Any poorly soluble gases will also be removed.

The first layer of sand filtration removes iron and the second layer removes ammonium. The two layers are housed in one filter but can be rinsed completely independently of each other. This ensures optimal process conditions for the treatment of source water.

By paying a great deal of attention to the design of the sand filtration and combining two filtration steps in one filter, a large amount of space has been saved.

What is realized?

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    Water treatment installation according to the “Multi-barrier” principle
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    Innovative design; space saving
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    Source water pre-treatment by air
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    Sand filter (combination) for the removal of iron
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    Sand filter (combination) for the removal of ammonium

Our customer speaks

“Our activities focus on three pillars: reducing water consumption, reusing water and protecting water extraction areas. The water preparation is extremely important because we always need water: as an essential ingredient of our soft drinks, for cooling in the production process, for washing and rinsing.”

Coca-Cola Netherlands
Coca Cola
Coca Cola

“It is a major challenge due to the interaction between various coil and regeneration processes”

By paying a great deal of attention to the design of the sand filtration and combining two filtration steps in one filter, a large amount of space has been saved.

A major challenge within the project was to link the control of the old and new installation parts. There is a lot of interaction between both parts because of the various rinsing and regeneration processes. Thanks to the knowledge of all these processes within RWB, it was possible to estimate all interactions in advance and to make the switch to the new situation without any problems.

Does your process water meet all requirements?

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