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    Cooling water treatment

Cooling water treatment without the addition of chemicals

People, Planet and Profit go hand in hand with the innovative SRCT system for cooling water treatment

Given the drought of recent summers and the gradual deterioration of our surface water, isn’t it curious that drinking water and environmentally damaging chemicals are widely used to feed cooling processes and condition cooling water?

The SRCT system makes it possible to burden our earth less with chemical dosing agents such as hardness stabilizers, biocides and corrosion inhibitors and at the same time save on water consumption (up to 50%) and operational costs associated with open cooling towers.

Depending on the required investment and the water quality, payback periods with the SRCT system of 1 to 3 years are often realistic. (This does not include the MAI / VAMIL regulation). In addition, it is a compact system that can easily be connected to new but also to existing situations.

Innovative but proven technology

RWB develops sustainable solutions in the field of (cooling) water treatment. This SRCT system was introduced to the market in 1996 and further developed into a fully automatic self-cleaning system in 2012. On the one hand a unique product, on the other hand a proven technique, where you can rely on almost 25 years of experience.

Cooling water treatment

Cooling towers are used in industry to dissipate excess heat (by means of cooling water). Sufficient cooling and a well-functioning cooling system ensures optimal heat transfer from the heat exchanger and is crucial for many (industrial) processes.

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    Legionella prevention

    It is known that in cooling systems, with water as the cooling medium, various problems can arise. Common problems are:

    • Lime deposits
    • Corrosion
    • Microbiological growth
    • Legionella

    To prevent these problems, chemical additives are often added to the cooling water (cooling water conditioning). The use of chemical agents such as hardness stabilizers, corrosion inhibitors and biocides is not only costly, but also very harmful to people and the environment.

    Sustainable cooling water treatment

    With the SRCT cooling water treatment system, RWB has a unique patented system in house to condition cooling water without the use of chemicals. Chemical free cooling water is cost effective (maximum heat transfer without the addition of expensive chemical additives), saves water and prevents corrosion to the cooling water system (cooling tower).

    SRCT system for cooling water conditioning

    The SRCT cooling water conditioning system is a fully automatic self-cleaning system and easy to integrate into existing cooling water / cooling tower processes (plug-and-play and no down-time). Compared to other cooling water treatment systems, the SRCT system is very compact and low in maintenance. The operational cleaning costs are minimal and no pre- or post-treatment is required.

    Calcium and automatic removal

    The SRCT system operates on the basis of electrolysis (the decomposition of a chemical by current). The system is in fact a reactor chamber through which part of the cooling water is pumped. This reactor chamber contains a series of disc-shaped cathodes and anodes. By applying voltage to these discs, only the depositing calcium and magnesium (temporary hardness) is deposited. The other elements, including the non-depositing calcium and magnesium, remain present in the cooling water in dissolved form. The precipitated lime scale is automatically removed by means of a patented system (see video).

    Corrosion and microbiological growth

    In order to prevent corrosion of the cooling water system (cooling tower), OH- ions are formed on the disc-shaped anodes, which increases the pH value. This higher value in combination with the dissolved calcium and magnesium forms an excellent inhibitor against corrosion. At the same time, the chlorides present in the cooling water are converted into active chlorine. Active chlorine prevents microbiological growth and has a disinfecting effect to prevent legionella.

    Standard installations cooling water treatment

    The SRCT cooling water treatment system is available in different configurations. Standard systems have a capacity of up to 14,000 m³ per hour. The SRCT system is equipped with PLC control and easy to integrate into existing (ICT) processes. For possible removal of contamination from the cooling tower, the system can be provided with a media filter.

    Advantages SRCT system

    Durable cooling water treatment without the addition of chemicals with the SRCT system has the following advantages:

    • Savings on energy and cooling water of up to 80%
    • A fully automatic self-cleaning system (low maintenance)
    • Minimal operational (cleaning) costs, very short payback period
    • Easy to integrate into existing cooling water / cooling tower processes
    • Standalone unit (plug-and-play and no down-time)
    • Very compact configuration due to disk-shaped cathodes/anodes
    • No pre- or post-treatment required
    • Sustainable cooling water treatment falls under the VAMIL and MIA scheme
    • Robust technology (2000+ cooling water treatment systems in operation)

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