On 1 October 2018 we switched from the Rabobank to the ABN AMRO Bank.

Please find below per company the old bank account numbers from the Rabobank and the corresponding new numbers of the ABN AMRO Bank.

The vat registration numbers and the number of the chamber of commerce are added for comparison.


Payment accounts
CompanyOld bank accountNew bank accountVAT numberKvK number
RWB Water ServicesNL18 RABO 0354 8592 93NL93 ABNA 0828 1456 01NL820416290B0108189295
RWB Water SystemsNL93 RABO 0146 6673 28NL02 ABNA 0828 1451 05NL813962298B0108130205
RWB Products & ServicesNL36 RABO 0325 6298 62NL17 ABNA 0828 3123 54NL820416290B0108189295
RWB Water SolutionsNL91 RABO 0154 5958 53NL80 ABNA 0828 1451 56NL822479138B0108226818
RWB HoldingNL65 RABO 0158 1798 89NL77 ABNA 0828 1452 10NL810203947B0108100063


CompanyOld bank accountNew bank accountVAT numberKvK number
RWB Water ServicesNL40 RABO 0991 1242 86NL95 ABNA 0995 0002 12NL820416290B0108189295
RWB Water SystemsNL84 RABO 0991 3414 44NL59 ABNA 0995 0132 76NL813962298B0108130205


We will hold the Rabobank accounts in the air for a while but we kindly ask you to modify these changes in your administration one of these days.

Do you have questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact our administration.
Send an e-mail to administratie@rwbwater.nl of call us on +31 546 545 020