Merger RWB by Japanese partner

Rood Wit Blauw Holding B.V. (RWB) joined the Japanese METAWATER Group on 9 November last. In 2013 METAWATER Co., Ltd. had already acquired a minority interest of 24.7% in RWB. The Metawater Group is now a 100% shareholder. Metawater announced the acquisition in a press release: of rwb

A reinforcement of RWB’s position

The takeover strengthens RWB’s position in the water market. RWB designs, builds and maintains water treatment systems for the entire European market. RWB distinguishes itself by offering both standard systems and customer specific installations within the drinking water, waste water and process water market. By keeping all disciplines, such as process management, engineering and system realisation within its own organisation and because of an excellent 24/7 service, RWB offers a complete and multidisciplinary package in water treatment.

Sustainability and circular economy

“The acquisition offers RWB a unique opportunity to further increase our contribution within the circular economy and thus increases turnover. This will be made possible by combining our engineering and service capabilities with the sustainable products and technologies of the METAWATER group. As CEO, I see it as a challenge to make a greater contribution in the field of sustainability and within the circular economy through joint efforts, with many new colleagues”, says André Reigersman.

In particular, the takeover offers many new opportunities and has no consequences for RWB’s more than 70 employees. It is merely a positive impulse for RWB to celebrate its 20th anniversary next year.