WWTP Sleeuwijk

Rivierenland Water Board has decided to centralize the treatment of waste water in the Land van Heusden and Altena. The waste water that is now treated in the three wastewater treatment plants in the southern part will be treated at the WWTP Sleeuwijk in the future. This requires the construction of new sewerage pumping stations with pressure pipes and the extension and renovation of the wastewater treatment plant.

The main contract for this work was awarded to the Van der Ven / Pannekoek GWW consortium. RWB is responsible for the mechanical work involved in the renovation and extension of WWTP Sleeuwijk.

Water treatment MAIN

MAIN (Maritime Waste Collection Netherlands) has reception and storage tanks for oil/water mixtures and fuel residues at its disposal in the port area of Amsterdam, as well as its own processing plant for separating and processing the oil/water mixtures.

After a pilot period, RWB was commissioned to adjust and expand the water purification system. In addition to the renovation of the existing DAF installation, the water will be biologically purified by means of a ceramic MBR installation. In order to meet the requirements for discharge to surface water, activated carbon filters are included as the last step in the purification process.