RWB Water Treatment has received an order from ACCN (Ash Cleaning Company Netherlands) for the construction of an installation to clean the waste water that is released during the washing of bottom ash from waste incineration plants.

Recycling company ACCN is a participating group in which Royal Boskalis N.V. and Inashco B.V. are each shareholders. The new installation will be located in Nauerna within the Amsterdam port area and will process approximately 450,000 tonnes of bottom ash from household waste processor Attero.

On location in Nauerna, 120 m3/hour of fresh water is needed to process the ash. As an alternative to purifying fresh water from the nearby sea canal, RWB has designed a plant to treat the waste water that is released into process water. This makes the installation not only economically profitable, but also sustainable. It all fits in well with the current trend of closed cycles and the recycling of raw materials.